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我的假期英语作文 篇1

Everyone’s holiday life is colorful and varied, and I went to the vast seaside with my family during the holiday.

Well, it’s a lot of trouble. When I moved the weight of a kilo to the beach, I was exhausted. The excitement of the time has gone away. I was incapable of lying in my tent, complaining about what my mother went out to take so much, slightly angry. At this moment my mother was pleased to call me out to see the sea. Listen to it like a little girl as the mood of excitement, some indismissive in the heart. But when I stood by the sea, the breezes of the tiny blows had taken away my grumble and took my disdain. Beauty, it’s so beautiful. At this time, if I were a poet, I will write a poem, to describe this magnificent landscape; at this time, if I were a painter, I must use colors to draw this beautiful picture; at this time, if I was a composer, I must use the notes to convey the roar of the tsunami. But I’m not, nothing. I can only use the poor and monotonous words to write the picture of this pair. Can you imagine, in the boundless sea, looking at the waves from far and near to the shore. I soaked my feet by it. She was like a pair of hands, a pair of magic hands, touching me, making my mood happy. Friend, close your eyes, you can feel that the sea breeze blows your cheek, but goes around you like an elf. Listening to the waves, from the distant sound of seagulls, the heart is calm, and my feelings at this time just out of bondage, break free of the cage, with a disillusioned secular emotion. At this moment, feel like Li Bai the great poet longitudinal landscape I can finally, drinking poetry heroic love.

Morning, morning when we set out with a full of excitement. The road is far away and short, and as the scenery out of the window goes back, our mood becomes more and more excited. With the sound of the brakes, we arrived at the destination. After stopping the car, we shipped this trip to the beach. I don’t see it. It’s a scare. This big bag of goods, quite a kind of moving momentum. I looked at my father with a surprise eye, and the latter gave me a helpless smile.

This holiday, a lot of harvest, a lot of emotion, left me the most beautiful memories.

我的假期英语作文 篇2

Spring Festival is coming,I am very happy。On this winter holiday,I went to visit my grandparents with my parents。 My grandmother is very zeal。Our dinner is very delicious。After the dinner,the people gave me money in red envelopes。I am very happy in this family with my grandparents。

Sometimes,we go to climb the mountains。The mountain is very high。Look!There is a clean river near the mountain。And there are some beautiful flowers,grass and big trees。Some trees are orange trees,the others are banana trees。Oh,I am very tired but interesting。

I am very happy on this holiday because I like Spring Festival very much。What about you?

我的假期英语作文 篇3

In the coming summer holiday I am going to do a lot of interesting things.

First I will finish my holiday homework. Second I am going to have a good rest.

I am going to play computer games or listen to music when I am free because I like them very much. But I am not good at them now.

Then I will join a basketball club to play basketball. Even if I was a girl I like basketball very much.

It can not only make me become sunny cheerful but also can make me healthy. Finally I am going to visit some of my friends.

We are going to play together. Maybe we will go sightseeing.

I think I will have a great summer holiday.






我的假期英语作文 篇4

Finally finished the final exam, and then through the "long" winter vacation. But in this everybody happy holidays, we will certainly not as fulfilling in school, so I want to have a good planning, lives.

"Saying" claims however, in the eyes of our sixth grade primary school students is "father" students to learn. So, first of all to put the winter vacation homework, read the diary to write, read books.

At 7:30 in the morning wake up, spend 15 minutes to pick up the bed, wash gargle finished, then spend 15 minutes listening to English tapes.

8:00 is I the little Monkey King of heaven. First take 30 minutes to listen to music to do sport, have little feeling like this?

Then do one and a half hours of housework. Such as: watering the plants, sweep the floor, wipe the Windows, rearranging things.

Will eat lunch until 10:00, I help grandma choose the trim vegetables for cooking, tao tao, by the way, also can learn in a few hands and grandma.

11:30 to 12:30 when I rest one hour of time, this time is not as plan.

12:30 at 2:30 to write two hours of homework.

At 2:30 to 3:30 I want to read the book of an hour, go for a walk outside after watching, when you look into the distance, so that can protect the eyesight.

3:30 can I open the computer to write blog, see weibo, copying copying his composition.

At 4 to 6 PM is rest time, don’t be as plan.

At 6:00 a.m. to is my dinner time.

At 6:30 to 8:30 I can watch TV for two hours.

9 I will go to bed.















我的假期英语作文 篇5

I think everyone likes weekend. Because it’s time for relax and fun.Now I want to talk about my weekend.

I often spend Saturday for fun. Such as playing basketball with my friends, watching movies and TV shows, having a trip with family and so on.And I always spend Sunday for homework and have some rest.Sometimes I visit my grandparents with my parents.It’s very interesting to visit them.

我的假期英语作文 篇6

My holidays are coming soon.I have some plans for the holidays and now I will talk about that with you. I will do some cleaning and do some washing with my mother at home. In my free time ,I plan to go to see the movies or play football with my friends.

Sometimes I will go to my grandparents’ home and to visit them with my parents.And I will do my homework every evening.What about your plans?

I earnestly hope to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future. Judging from my aptitude inclination and personality streaks, my ideal life will be that of a scientist, researching, lecturing, and writing books.

我的假期英语作文 篇7

I had a great time during my winter vacation. The first thing I did was I made a plan for my study. I assigned my homework equally according to the holidays so that I can finish all of them in time. And during my winter vacation, we welcome the most important festival in China-Spring Festival, it‘s also called Chinese New Year by lots of foreigners. At that night, our family came together and had a big meal. Of course we had dumplings that night, because that is our Chinese traditional. We then watch the CCTV spring festival evening party together and watch the beautiful fireworks. That‘s the happiest time in this world! The winter vacation I had dreamed all year around was finally coming. And I really enjoyed a lot from it. The first thing I did was I made a plan for my study. I assigned my homework equally according to the holidays so that I can finish all of them in time. I also arranged myself the books and words I need to read and recite. Secondly, I took some extracurricular activities and read some English original reading. My favorite book is , written by Sherlock Holmes. Among all the classical movies, the Sound of Music was the most exciting one. During my holidays I also made some assistance for my physical class teacher, surely I met lots of difficulties in this stage and from which I knew what perseverance really was. Lastly, I went to the temple fair and was lucky to taste several Chinese traditional dishes; “Jiaohua chicken” is one of them. It is said it originated from Hangzhou centuries ago, made by a famous beggar Hong Qi Gong, the senior leader of Beggar Gang.Steamed with fresh lotus leaf wrapped up,it is famous for its special aroma and taste. Now that the holiday is ending and a new semester is coming, I need to fresh up and get started to embrace the upcoming challenges.

一年一度的寒假来到了。我这个假期过的很开心。 首先,我根据所有作业和时间制订一个学习计划。我把这些作业平均分配,以至于我可以在假期结束的时候可以完成所有作业。并且我规定了每天要背多少单词,整个假期要读多少本书。 第二,我参加了一些课外活动。 读了几本精品读物,我最喜欢的是夏洛克·福尔摩斯(Sherlock·Holmes)探案集的《巴斯克维尔猎犬The Hound of the Baskervilles--Sir Arthur Conan Doyle》英文版。还看了几部经典影视作品,其中我最欣赏的是《音乐之声》(The Sound of Music)。我还为我们的物理老师做了课件,在这个过程中,我遇到了很多困难,也学会了什么叫坚持。 最后,我在春节期间还参加了庙会。吃到了几种有民族特色的小吃。其中,最吸引我的是据说当年由丐帮帮主洪七公发明的叫花鸡。用大大的荷叶包起来,有一种独特的清香。 假期结束了,新的学期开始了,我要打起精神,准备进入战斗状态了。

我的假期英语作文 篇8

Hello everyone. My name is Alec. I’m so glad to be here. My topic is my holiday.

Today is my holiday. I ask my mum, “Can we go to Baiyun Mountain with Dad?” “Good idea,” says mum. We pack some water and snacks, and then we drive there. There are two ways to the top of the mountain. We choose the steeper one because we want a challenge. The scenery is very beautiful. There are trees and flowers everywhere. We see a beehive with bees busy working. We meet a lot of people on the way. Some of them are singing, some of them are dancing, and some of them are playing with their family.

When we climb halfway up the mountain, it is getting steeper and steeper. We are bathed in sweat. Mum and I are tired to walk. Dad says, “keep on going. Where there is a will there is a way.” At last we climb to the summit. We are very happy though we arevery tired. From the peak of Baiyun Mountain we can see the whole city of Guangzhou. It is so beautiful. We sit down, relax, and enjoy our snacks.

I wish I could have more time like this to relax with my family.